I try not to worry about tomorrow 

I try not to worry about yesterday 

Somehow this doesn’t matter 

No matter what I tell myself 

No matter what you say to me 

Anxiety, It takes away the words you say

It takes away my rational mind 

Until there is nothing left 

But this electricity is wired around me 

It is my bind

If only I could find a way to escape it 

Before I completely lose my mind 

Everything is worse to me than it seems

But maybe I can rest again in my dreams 


20 thoughts on “Anxiety 

  1. I really like this piece. Sorry to hear you’re struggling…I can relate to this too (sadly). It’s horrible when you feel everything is out of control. I recently wrote a post on anxiety at night and insomnia ( take a look if you like). I hate lying awake with my heart pounding in my chest. Hope you find something that helps you relax a bit ☺️

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