When it feels like the world is crashing down

I look to the sky

I breathe in the air

I start to question why

Then I realize that sometimes there is no answer

Sometimes there are no reasons

Looking at the beauty of the world brings me peace

It shows me that there is so much more to life than I see

I am grateful for these moments of clarity

I am grateful that I have the ability to see beyond me


Everything is temporary

The reality is

Everything is temporary

Nothing is meant to last

This is why life is so precious

This is why it passes by so fast

I try to live in each moment

I try to see the good in it all

But sometimes something stops me

I wish that I was ignorant to the lack of time there is

But instead I am highly aware

That there is sand spilling out into the wind somewhere

Beneath these winds of time

I know I will disappear

I can only hope that I will do it

Without any doubt or fear



My love waits for the sunrise

I no longer see the world
The way I saw it before
I no longer see anything
In black and grey
Now all I see is color
As I wait for the day
My love is not with me
When I shut my eyes
My love waits for me with the sunrise
I no longer see the world
And long for something more
I have finally found what I was looking for


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The power you keep

You hold my heart in your hands

This is uncharted and unknown for me

I am venturing through something

I have never felt before

More attached than I have ever been

More vulnerable than I want to be

But you are the only person

Who has ever really seen me

You can see the layers beneath my skin

Even the ones covered with the filth of sin

You can see the hope in my eyes

Even in a world that is filled with lies

So I beg you now as I plead

Please do not drop my heart

Please do not let me bleed

Please do not destroy me

That is the power you hold

Because I am in too deep

My heart is in your hands

This is the power you keep

More than love

When you leave

You take half of me with you

I have to shut down

To ease the pain

The other half cannot exist

Without the part that keeps me sane

If I was not me

I wouldn’t believe

That this could exist

Only those who have felt it

Only those who could not resist

Could begin to understand

That what we have is not a laid out structure

It is breathable, bendable, and shapes like sand

What we have is beyond words, beyond opinions, beyond belief

What we have is more than love

You have become the light in my darkest hour

You have become the thunder before the rain

You are the silence when the world roars

You are the peace I feel when I need it most

You are my everything; that is what you are

No matter how close, no matter how far

This I know with all my heart is true

The only thing I will ever need in this life is you


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The Universe # 2

Does the universe separate souls

Take half of who you are

Then put that half far out of reach

What do you endure to find that half

What obstacles do you face

Do you earn that half of yourself back

After years of turmoil and heartache

Through the trials and tribulations of this life

If that is the way, the pain is worth it

Anything we go through is worth

Finding what we have always been searching for




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My Shame

The glass shatters around me

As everything falls apart

You took away my faith in you

When you broke my heart

I listen to the venom spew from you

As I try to keep myself sane

I try to keep myself together

To make myself aware

That I am to blame

Because I could not be alone

Because I could not do it on my own

That is my weakness

That is my shame


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Inside out

I feel like a blank slate

Not filled with anger

Not filled with hate

Just numb from the inside out

I try to run

But I can’t escape my fate

What have I done

It is already too late


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Sometimes I can freeze my mind

Shut down all thought

Slow down the time

I can take myself to a place where

I am yours and you are mine

In this moment the world is still

I can bend time to keep us here

Night after night

Year after year

Time is now the only thing

That I truly fear


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I have tied the score 

I am just a shadow of who I used to be

I have changed into someone else 

Someone stronger than I was before 

Because there are things worth fighting for 

I see past the pleasantries 

I see through you all 

Shattered pieces of my past 

That I have fought to surpass 

I am stronger now than I ever was before 

I am winning the battle 

I have tied the score 

We will see who wins tomorrow 

But I have won today 


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