She Ran

And she ran and she ran 

Leaving the world behind her 

Forgetting her worries 

Forgetting her fears 

Escaping her cries from the past 

Escaping the torment of so many years 

She pushes herself harder then she ever has before 

She knows that there is so much left to live for 


Foolish so foolish I am

Making the same mistakes again

Jumping right in without thought or care

Making my mind up…pushing doubt aside

I like the thrill of risk…I like the feel of the dare

Jumping in makes me feel alive…makes me more aware

Aware of myself…aware of the world around me

I don’t care what people think…I don’t care what people do

I just want to live my life the way I want to

No matter

No matter how far I fall..I will get back up

No matter how hard I’m pushed..I will push back

No matter the distance..I will go farther

No matter how tired I feel..I will not sleep

No matter the challenge..I will face it

No matter what you will not push me down

No matter who you think you are not better

No matter what happens..I won’t stop fighting

No matter what happens.. I will succeed