Today I feel so hollow

The depression it hits me hard

There is no thought

There is no action

That makes me feel this way

It is just a feeling that I live with

Every single day

Sometimes I forget

Until I sit still

Then I realize that this depression

It is real

There is no rhyme or reason

For the way I feel

I sit here alone in silence

Hoping this feeling will end

This is when I try to escape

This is when I pretend


Disclaimer: When I write, it is not always literal, it is not always about the present. Please do not interpret anything literally. I only say this because I know that I have readers who think that what I write is always at this moment, and that is not the case. I will not always say when or how these poems come to me. I always appreciate everyones empathy, concern, and happiness when I post my poems. Please keep in mind that these posts are not always what they seem. They are not always literal, and they are definitely not always present day.  Please know that I appreciate everyone who enjoys my writing. I just think this needed to be said. To everyone who reads and supports my poems. I appreciate the hell out of you. 

46 thoughts on “Depression

  1. Great insight to some feelings there. See if you like anything I’ve written.
    i’m working on something call A Year Ago Today but i cant seem to get much traffic on here. If you like what i’m doing let me know and maybe i can get some help from you.

    Thanks Barry

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  2. Pingback: Are you suffering from depression- clinical or philosophical? How does it feel? Want to know more? Read “my side of the story” – Contemplation

  3. Some really meaningful words up there..I myself have suffered depression for a substantial period..By God’s Grace, I eventually came out of it and so for all my friends experiencing any sort of depression , I just want to say that Sometimes, we think that we have been buried when actually we have been planted .This I learnt after having won over a chronic disease after years of struggle..Just hold on, just never give up..I would like to share my complete story here , how I battled with an incurable disease..I wish It helps at least 1 needy person out here….Here’s the story (Not a sad one I promise 🙂 )

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  4. I had a laugh when I saw your disclaimer. Nonetheless I wanted to share that our society live in a bubble of psycho emotional numbing down of difficult feelings and emotions. What is often not talked about is that there is an unseen gift in depression. Depression offers us an opportunity to finally heal. I write about how to recognize the opportunity and how to cease it. Please share if you see the value. Thank you Bethany.

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  5. I need a disclaimer like this. People some times get all concerned and worried about me with what I write when it may have stemmed from a comercial I saw on tv or a fleeting thought or even the sound of an acorn falling on a roof. It can be that simple and evoke a poem about desolation from a tiny fragment of emotion that I just let flow out.
    Anyway! Awesome poetry as always. I love reading your words

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  6. Well, depression is not all writing poetry and drinking coffee all day. Its like your mind is stuck in traffic and can figure no way out.
    Hope you or the person whom you’re writing for comes out of this phase.
    I am all ears, if you need any.
    Your friend,
    Enigma 🙂 ❤

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