More than love

When you leave

You take half of me with you

I have to shut down

To ease the pain

The other half cannot exist

Without the part that keeps me sane

If I was not me

I wouldn’t believe

That this could exist

Only those who have felt it

Only those who could not resist

Could begin to understand

That what we have is not a laid out structure

It is breathable, bendable, and shapes like sand

What we have is beyond words, beyond opinions, beyond belief

What we have is more than love

You have become the light in my darkest hour

You have become the thunder before the rain

You are the silence when the world roars

You are the peace I feel when I need it most

You are my everything; that is what you are

No matter how close, no matter how far

This I know with all my heart is true

The only thing I will ever need in this life is you


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World of dreams 

We exist in another dimension

In a dream within a dream

What has us here was wrong intention

The wrongs of those around us

In our world of dreams

We found our way somehow

There is nothing that can stop us now

No one can stand in our way

Our love exists beyond this world

Beyond yesterday, beyond today

We exist in this dimension

We were both pulled through

In this dream within a dream

All I will ever need is you


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I have tried to drift away into nothing

But something always brings me back

I have tried to drift into the valley of shadow

But something will not let me go

I have tried to escape this shit storm that is my life

But something keeps me here

That something is hope


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Maybe I will open my heart

I want a love that will surpass a lifetime

A love that will continue to grow

I want compassion and understanding

I want to feel it, I want to know

That true love does exist

That there is hope for this need of mine

That there is a form of love that no one can define

Maybe I will find it

Maybe this person will suddenly appear

Maybe I will open my heart

So someone can take away my fear


© Nyx0519

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He held out his hand 

I thought I lost it all

Until a stranger stood before me

He looked at me and saw

A girl lost and crying

He asked me what was wrong

But he could not make out my words

So instead of trying to understand

He held out his hand


© Nyx0519

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Gulping water

I was surrounded by darkness

So darkness I became

I was drowning in misery

Gulping water instead of air

When I thought I was gone

That’s when you were there


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The Universe

As I wake up and live my life

I always wonder what I could miss

One decision made differently…what could this change

Could another connection be found…just by turning my car around

As I venture through the day are events random or is the universe pushing us this way

Pushing us in a direction we are meant to follow

Toward a path we are meant to walk

If this is true why do I feel so hollow

Why do I feel so alone

I hope I make the right choices…I hope I make the right mistakes

I want my path to lead me to my heart and my home


On wings of hope I fly …from the ashes I rise…I push forward with strength from my soul…Just look to the skies



I wish that I could be calmer

More mild and less extreme

But then I wouldn’t be myself

Then I wouldn’t dream

Of people and places I want to see

Of things I can only imagine exist

I fear that if I don’t move forward I will never get to see the world

I fear that if I am not perfect I will never get past this loop that is my life

I dream of fields of beauty

I dream of the oceans song

I dream that I will find this place…this place that I belong

I would finally be at peace…my wandering thoughts would calm

I will find you someday my beautiful place…my heart…my home