Falling through the floor

Here I go again 

Falling through the floor 

Here I go again 

Walking out the door 

Here I go again 

Looking for comfort 

Here I go again 

Looking for an end 

Once again

Once again I feel myself drowning 

Once again I just want to scream 

I want to float away 

I want to live in a dream 

I wish I could escape this nightmare that is my life 

I wish I could escape the pain 

I want to stop pretending 

I want it all to stop 

I want to get away from you all

Before I dive 

Before I fall 

Bleeding Heart

I thought I was strong

But right now I am weak

I should have known all along

What my weakness was

I should have remembered

That happiness isn’t real

I should have remembered

The way that heart break makes me feel

I didn’t remember until the pain hit

I didn’t remember until my chest was burning

I didn’t remember until the world around me was shaking and turning

Well here I am

As I sit

Asking myself what is wrong with me

Blaming myself because I didn’t see

What my weakness was all along

That I am not strong

I am a bleeding heart

Doomed from the start

My bleeding heart is my weakness



Trust I have come to learn 

I will never find

The only one I can trust is me 

I will never again be blind 

I will never again be vulnerable 

I have had enough of the dishonesty 

I have had enough of everyone 

There is nothing more that I hate 

There is nothing that makes me sicker 

There is nothing more that I despise 

Than people telling me fucking lies 

Where do I begin 

Beneath the surface all I see 

Are fissures filled with darkness 

Cracks in my soul 

Spread throughout and hardened 

With each hardship, with each toll

They spread further and wider 

Right beneath the surface 

Right beneath the skin 

Where does the darkness end 

When do I begin 

Dead Inside

I wish I knew what was wrong with me

Sometimes I wish that I couldn’t see

I wish I was blind to everything

I wish I was blind to everyone

I just want to escape this life

I just want to be someone else

I don’t want to feel this pain anymore

I don’t want to feel anything at all

What is it that I am fighting for

Is it freedom, or is it something more

Maybe I will find the answer

Or maybe I will never get that far

I guess it doesn’t really matter

I am still locked inside a cage

With agony trapped inside

Mixed with sorrow and with rage

Here I am again, back and forth I go

I would love to feel peace for just a moment

I would love for my heart rate to slow

I give up on hopes and wishes

I give up on dreams today

I just want to lay here tonight

Dead inside as I wait for the sun to rise



No one

There was a girl 

She was happy 

She was free

No one noticed 

When someone changed her destiny 

No one noticed 

When her smile turned into a frown 

No one noticed

That her head started to look down 

No one listened when she needed ears 

She was left alone, buried within herself 

Buried within her fears 

Hello Darkness my dear 

Hello darkness my old friend

It’s nice to see you again 

I know you’re creeping 

As I’m sleeping 

I know you’ll be there in the end 

Oh dear friend how are you 

It hasn’t been too long 

Are you hear to catch my tears 

Are you hear to sing me a song 

Well darkness at least I know you 

You are definitely real 

In the end when you take me 

Can you take away my ability to feel 

I’m alive

Here comes the pain again 

Grips me so hard I cannot stand 

Tears apart my chest 

Tears apart my soul

At least I know I’m alive 

Everything is temporary

The reality is

Everything is temporary

Nothing is meant to last

This is why life is so precious

This is why it passes by so fast

I try to live in each moment

I try to see the good in it all

But sometimes something stops me

I wish that I was ignorant to the lack of time there is

But instead I am highly aware

That there is sand spilling out into the wind somewhere

Beneath these winds of time

I know I will disappear

I can only hope that I will do it

Without any doubt or fear