My Shame

The glass shatters around me

As everything falls apart

You took away my faith in you

When you broke my heart

I listen to the venom spew from you

As I try to keep myself sane

I try to keep myself together

To make myself aware

That I am to blame

Because I could not be alone

Because I could not do it on my own

That is my weakness

That is my shame


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Rip it out

Unbearable pain

Stabs me

Over and over again


It is so hard to endure

I just can’t take it anymore

This torture, this pain

Floods through me

Rips me apart

Strips it all away

Punches a whole and rips out my heart

Just finish me off

Why prolong this pain

There is nothing left of me

Nothing left for you to gain

Please just put me out

I welcome the dark

I don’t care where I go

I don’t care what I see

Please just free me from this fucking agony

Fade Away

I am so lost and alone

I want to fade away into nothing

I want to stop existing

Feel no pain

Have no thought

Just a shadow 

Lost forever in the dark

Take all that I have

Take all that I was

I no longer care

Crush out the spark

Crush out my hope

Crush my dreams

Just let me go

Give me peace

I want to feel my breath grow shallow

I want to feel my body drift away

Even my love does not see

That there is nothing left of me

When one can sleep so soundly

While the other suffers so

It makes me want to tell darkness

To just take the spark, blow it out, and let me go





As soon as I stop moving

As soon as my mind stills…  I am flooded with agony

It is not a memory…it is not a face

It is just all consuming heartache

All I see is darkness…bleak and black

Why can I never slow down…without the pain slamming me back

This is why I move so quickly…this is why I talk so fast

If only my moments of peace would last…if only I could escape the darkness…

if only I could escape my past


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