When it feels like the world is crashing down

I look to the sky

I breathe in the air

I start to question why

Then I realize that sometimes there is no answer

Sometimes there are no reasons

Looking at the beauty of the world brings me peace

It shows me that there is so much more to life than I see

I am grateful for these moments of clarity

I am grateful that I have the ability to see beyond me



I used to dream of death

Those dreams where the best I ever had

An escape from the pain

An escape from this life

An escape from the gap in my mind

A gap that is thick and sharp like a knife

Then there was apathy

The numbness from the inside out

I drifted from here to there

There were no feelings and no doubt

Now all I do is deflect

Deflect the obstacles that continue to come

When I think I am finished with one

I realize I will never be done

I guess this is just the way life is meant to be

A constant battle

A constant fight to be free


Before it’s too late

No one wants to see the things

They think they are not strong enough to face

That is what is wrong with us

This is a weakness of the human race

Why can’t we look upon the things

We do not want to see

Is it because it is easier to ignore atrocities

This weakness is proven time and again

Our history has shown

You would think that this would show us

You would think we would have grown

Instead we sit and look the other way

When hate is splashed across the news

I don’t care what you believe in

I don’t care about your views

Can’t we all agree that racism is wrong

Haven’t we gotten passed this point

Look at the world around you

Are you going to just ignore

The examples being set for us

What will it take for us to fight for ourselves again

I hope that people start to pay attention to our world

Before it’s too late

Alternate Universe

I want to believe that there is an alternate universe

Where pain and suffering do not exist

I want to live in a world

Where people have empathy and love for one another

A world separate from those who hate

A world where peace is all that exists

I am a dreamer so I will dream

That people no longer suffer

That people no longer sustain

The ignorance of those that see them

As so different from themselves

In my universe there is no one standing

Pointing fingers or placing blame

Because we really are no different

Deep down we are all the same


Everything is temporary

The reality is

Everything is temporary

Nothing is meant to last

This is why life is so precious

This is why it passes by so fast

I try to live in each moment

I try to see the good in it all

But sometimes something stops me

I wish that I was ignorant to the lack of time there is

But instead I am highly aware

That there is sand spilling out into the wind somewhere

Beneath these winds of time

I know I will disappear

I can only hope that I will do it

Without any doubt or fear



Dead heart

It is hard to disappoint me 

I have no expectations 

I don’t expect your love 

I don’t expect your obligations 

All I ask is 

Don’t fuck with my head 

Don’t give me false hope 

Just leave a broken heart dead



Sometimes I can freeze my mind

Shut down all thought

Slow down the time

I can take myself to a place where

I am yours and you are mine

In this moment the world is still

I can bend time to keep us here

Night after night

Year after year

Time is now the only thing

That I truly fear


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See past the grey

Sometimes you may find

Moments of clarity

They take away the disparity

They take away the pain

Cherish these moments

Cherish what you see

When you see past the grey

It will show you

Where you really want to be

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True love has a cost

When the connection is gone

I feel the pain

When I cannot see you

My heart pulls apart

I cannot live this way

I don’t know what to do

When you fade from me

I can no longer see

I feel this pain

I feel the agony

When you disconnect

A piece of me is lost

This is why I feel

True love has a cost


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