Every word you ever said

Is a splinter in my head

Buried so deep, I can’t get it out

Buried so deep I will never forget

All the truths mixed with lies

Or the darkness in your eyes

Sometimes I will dig

But it just sinks deeper

I dig and dig, I scream, I shout

But there is no use, your freaking stuck

In the back of my mind you play your games

You tell me I need to be perfect

But I must play by your rules

You even gave me the tools

Bought me the books

Fed me more lies

Well you may be a splinter in my brain

But that’s all that you are

You have no power over me

You may be my burden to bear

But you have no control over my life

And one day I will pull you out

My reminder of you

I freaking swear


Image source https://www.searching-for–adventure.tumblr.com


It was all taken away 

My whole world changes before my eyes 

Everything again gets swept away 

I need to control what I can 

Because there is so little that is mine 

So many things are changing

Places I live…people I meet…people I love 

What I can control I need to or I will lose my mind 

I need to find a foundation 

Something to hold me steady before I fall…

So hear I am listening to music as it flows and soothes my soul 

Without it there to calm me I would never gain control