More than life

You showed me love and made me believe it was real 

You gave me the strength to move forward and the ability to feel

You married me and looked at me like I was the only one you would ever adore

You told me I would be enough, that you would never need anything more

Complete and unending love is what you said

But this can’t be true my love

Because you left me for dead

You ripped out my heart

You tore me apart

And I loved you more than my own life

There are many things that life has taught me along the way

But one thing I will never learn is how to love someone so deeply

And then just toss them away


© Nyx0519

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I have 


I have known happiness

I have known pain

I have known sorrow

I have known fear

I have laughed in the light

I have smiled in the dark

I have learned to accept my flaws

I have learned to love myself