Foolish so foolish I am

Making the same mistakes again

Jumping right in without thought or care

Making my mind up…pushing doubt aside

I like the thrill of risk…I like the feel of the dare

Jumping in makes me feel alive…makes me more aware

Aware of myself…aware of the world around me

I don’t care what people think…I don’t care what people do

I just want to live my life the way I want to

Believe in you

I wake up and I fight each day

To make it better than the last

I always have so much to say

My mind spins round so fast

Life is to short you see…to remain in the past

I look to it for introspection…I look to it to see

That there is so much strength inside of me

I guarantee that anyone that understands this… has been here before

If you look inside yourself

You will see that there is more

More to you than what you think…more strength than you see

Trust in yourself and you can make it

Believe in yourself as I believe in me

The rules

I do not want to conform to rules created by the people who rule us

To a society who has acted as if they are our creator

A society who tells us what to do…what to wear…how to act…how to speak…

These things should not be up to them

People should be able to love who they want to…wear what they want to wear…tattoo their skin

People think they have freedom, but how much do we really have

Who came up with these rules

Who declared a degree is the only way to survive in the world today…and that certain words are bad to say

It is sad to think that we really don’t have a choice

I am one of few who has a voice

So we continue on each day the same as the last

We continue on the same as our ancestors have in the past

We are doomed to continue this way with everyone conforming to the rules

Think about the words I say

How much better could we make our world if more people thought this way

photo from the movie IRobot