I long for peace

I sit here and I dream 

About a life without the pain 

On the inside I just scream 

In my chest it is always the same 

The pain stabs through my heart 

It tears right through my soul 

Taking everything that I am 

Until I lose control 

My mind shuts down 

My stomach turns 

As I grow more weary

I am sick of the dark 

I am sick of the dread 

I do not have voices in my head 

I do not have demons clawing at me 

What I have is only 

Complete and total agony 

On the inside I scream 

With each heartbeat 

With each breath 

I long for peace 

I long for rest 

8 thoughts on “I long for peace

  1. My dear friend,

    Try somethings: Breath slowly in and slowly out – fill your stomach too with air (stomach must be a bit like a small ball) that not only the lungs are breathing on the surface – if you do this for a while endorphines will enrich your mind and body. When you exercise it regularly (not as meditation) – it will become your habit to breathe in and out always deeply and slowly – it then runs automatically – and you need not to think about it. This will provide you more oxygen to your brain and your feeling will become much better – the clouds of the mind will pass by. How it is said? – “Practise makes perfect…”

    I wish you a good time
    Yours friend Didi

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