Strike back 

Is everyone really against me 

Or have I just lost my mind 

I’m too lost to see 

Who is really genuine 

Who is really kind

I am reminded of a time 

When life was a consistent slap 

People would find me 

Shove me into a trap 

Lock the door then turn the key

 I was never weak you see

I was just waiting for that moment 

That perfect moment to strike back 

8 thoughts on “Strike back 

  1. My dear friend

    I suppose you have not lost your mind, you are too much in your mind – the answer is lose your mind, let loose, detach from it and detach from the past: what was, was, what is, is – let us live in the presence and not allowing our past to keep us in an iron grip.

    I wish for you with all my heart that you will find back the way to light, to happiness that you can enjoy the small things what life offers, I wish you strength and courage to overcome the dark clouds – maybe they have gone meanwhile and your poem was written in another time, past time – but still in this case you are back in your past as you are confronted again with it, like a reflection, like a memory that wants to live again, find its lost way back to life – this all shut, close those past doors and see the sun shining in the presence – open your heart for it, dear friend.

    My grandmom used to say: “If you think all is over and dark, then suddenly a light comes out of the blue…”

    My best wishes to you
    From heart to heart

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