As the colors fade

Today I dream of fields with flowers 

Valleys and streams of beauty 

Today I see the colors light up the sky 

As the wind picks up and lifts the leaves up high 

I wait and watch as the colors fade…as the sun starts to set and the moon begins to rise 

It is in between this time…right before the darkness comes…that I see your eyes 


The light has dawned again

The light has dawned again

A new day has come

I hate that I am reminded sometimes where I come from

Once again I bring myself out of that dark place

Once again I stand up and look past that face

Leave me alone darkness

I swear you will never win

Stay where you belong… live your own life of sin

Shut up

Watch the blood drip on the floor

Look for the lock on the door

I fear his anger more than blood 

I’d rather see the truth than hear the lies 

Don’t say your sorry when you don’t mean it

You see that speck 

Get over there and clean it 

Perfection on the outside destruction within 

Do you know what it is like to live in sin 

Until you have seen disgrace…don’t give me your opinions 

Don’t pretend to know what I have seen 

Don’t tell me what you think I should do 

Just shut the hell up…that’s all I want from you 

Watch me 

Watch me as I push on

Watch me as I step forward

Watch me kick the dust behind my feet

Watch me as I walk away

Watch me pick up speed and run

Watch me fight for my perfection

Watch me cut my feelings off

Watch me make you regret it all

Should have stopped me

After you pushed

Should have stopped me

Before I fled

Bye bye sunshine

Bye bye light

I know you regret it now

I beat you…I won this fight