Strike back 

Is everyone really against me 

Or have I just lost my mind 

I’m too lost to see 

Who is really genuine 

Who is really kind

I am reminded of a time 

When life was a consistent slap 

People would find me 

Shove me into a trap 

Lock the door then turn the key

 I was never weak you see

I was just waiting for that moment 

That perfect moment to strike back 

Struck down

A storm is coming 

I can feel the thunder as it roars

I can feel my heart beat pound in my chest 

As the lightning strikes the ground 

The rain starts to pour down 

Covered in water with my arms toward the sky 

I ask to be struck down 

Please just let me die 



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My Sun Light

I hate you and I love you

This image from my past

But a love so fierce and strong

Was never meant to last

You pulled me toward perfection

But only with your eyes

Your words were given with nothing

But false sincerity and lies

You were supposed to be the one

My shining light

My sun


I just edited this poem I wrote a few months ago,  it coincides with More than life, so I figured I would share this as well. 

Peace and Love,


© Nyx0519

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More than life

You showed me love and made me believe it was real 

You gave me the strength to move forward and the ability to feel

You married me and looked at me like I was the only one you would ever adore

You told me I would be enough, that you would never need anything more

Complete and unending love is what you said

But this can’t be true my love

Because you left me for dead

You ripped out my heart

You tore me apart

And I loved you more than my own life

There are many things that life has taught me along the way

But one thing I will never learn is how to love someone so deeply

And then just toss them away


© Nyx0519

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