Comfortably numb

I am shrouded in darkness

Away from the light of the sun

I love it when thunder roars

And the rain starts to pour

I love the sound as it hits the ground

I love the light as it sparks with fury

As bolts shoot from the sky

And I love the color grey

Before everything turns black

I find comfort in the storm

The chaos of the clouds

Reminds me of my life

And the paradox of comfort from pain

Because it is all I know

Fear and anger

Sadness and agony

Tears that I can not stop from falling

Until a spark of awareness

Brings me back to reality

And takes the tears away

This awareness shuts me down

Until I am comfortably numb

Enjoying the lack of pain

Until the new cycle has begun


11 thoughts on “Comfortably numb

  1. My dear friend,

    you expressed your feelings with great images, one can trace your footsteps of life in this poem pictorially expressed. However, isn’t it also the lightning when appearing along the night sky that gives hope? illuminating the whole scenery for a few seconds to pierce through the darkness. May this light be sunlight and become a permanent companion in your life. In spite of your troubles and pain, you have a good heart, my dear friend, let it shine always and the darkness will disappear some day…

    Hugs and love
    From heart to heart

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