There is only rain

The loneliness

It cripples me

People only care

To some degree

I see this when they walk away

Because they always leave

Today there is no light

Today I cannot see

There is only darkness

There is only pain

There are no roses

There is only rain

The agony is always there

When I let myself feel

When I let myself care


Ready for battle

I hear the raindrops 

Tick off my armor 

As I stand in the valley 

Ready for battle 

I hold my sword to the sky 

As I watch you quiver with fear 

I look in your eyes 

Before I say good bye 


Rain drops

I listen to the sound 

As I hear the rain drops

Fall to the ground 

I smell the dirt in the air 

How I long to be out there 

Turning around in the rain 

With my true love watching me 

This is where I long to be  



The beauty of the rain

I wake up and I fight today

As the rain falls from the sky

I wonder why sometimes sadness grips me

As I wait for you and I…

To find that special place…to find that common ground

In the meantime I listen as the rain falls

I listen to the sound

So peaceful it makes me feel today

The beauty of the rain

It slows my beating heart

It slowly heals the pain

I want to be free

I want to be free

I want to live this life

Even if it is alone

I want to be free

I want to be who I am

Live for each moment

While I still stand

There could be no tomorrow

There could be no today

I want to dance in the rain

I want to look at the stars

I want to remember

That the world could be ours

I want to be free

With or without you beside me