Echo in my mind 

There is an echo in my mind 

It’s pulled from space and surpasses time 

It tells me that I have a purpose in my life 

It tells me that I am not alone in my strife 

My battle between the darkness and the light 

Is one fought by many each day and each night 

Keep fighting for happiness and love my friends 

That’s all that really matters in the end 


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Stars so clear

I looked up into the sky tonight

The stars so clear they shine so bright

I think to myself how quickly everything changes

This is why I enjoy this moment

The beauty of the night will always remain

It will still be here when I am gone

This image of perfection

I wish I could stay here in this moment forever



I am Nyx goddess of the night

I am the ruler of the stars

I am the darkness that throws the light

I am beauty

I am grace

I am the warrior who has been here all along

I will forever remain

Here is my song

I am Nyx goddess of the night

I rule the moon and stars

I put out the light of the day

In the night I remain

This is where I stay

In the night, at the darkest hour

You will find me ready to fight

For all who worship me

For all who worship the beauty of the night

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