Struck down

A storm is coming 

I can feel the thunder as it roars

I can feel my heart beat pound in my chest 

As the lightning strikes the ground 

The rain starts to pour down 

Covered in water with my arms toward the sky 

I ask to be struck down 

Please just let me die 



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The First Storm

Life can change everything

In the blink of an eye

A storm you cannot escape

With no reason why

I push through the storm, and find the sea

That’s where my destiny awaits me

I wrote this a few months ago. Thought I would share since it is the first. 


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The Second Storm

As the storm came closer I felt my body go still

I stood there unable to move, held against my will

I watched as the trees were ripped up around me

I watched as houses flew by

I stood in the middle of it all

Not moving no matter how hard I would try

I stood there frozen until the storm passed

So grateful that something so violent will never last


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