Comfortably numb

I am shrouded in darkness

Away from the light of the sun

I love it when thunder roars

And the rain starts to pour

I love the sound as it hits the ground

I love the light as it sparks with fury

As bolts shoot from the sky

And I love the color grey

Before everything turns black

I find comfort in the storm

The chaos of the clouds

Reminds me of my life

And the paradox of comfort from pain

Because it is all I know

Fear and anger

Sadness and agony

Tears that I can not stop from falling

Until a spark of awareness

Brings me back to reality

And takes the tears away

This awareness shuts me down

Until I am comfortably numb

Enjoying the lack of pain

Until the new cycle has begun


Thicker Skin

I wake up today again with hope

That I will make it through

Anything that comes at me

As the tide rips through

I have survived so many storms

Each storm has left a scar

These scars left have hardened me

Made my skin thicker than it was before

This is what I say to myself

When I feel I cannot take anymore

That each scar strengthens and hardens

Preparing me for any future chaos

Any future burdens

This is what I say today

That I must believe in myself

That my skin is thicker with each slice of debris

That my skin is thicker with each wave

I must be something more than I was

I must be brave

If I do not progress

Then it was not worth each battle

It was not worth every slice

So once again I say to myself

You can do this today

I will not let the storm sweep me away

I will fight and live through another day




Grip the ledge 

You are in the center of the storm

Grip the ledge and hold on 

It’s not over yet 

Do not give up 

But do not hold your breath

Just keep fighting 

And you will see

This is your fate 

This is your destiny 


Struck down

A storm is coming 

I can feel the thunder as it roars

I can feel my heart beat pound in my chest 

As the lightning strikes the ground 

The rain starts to pour down 

Covered in water with my arms toward the sky 

I ask to be struck down 

Please just let me die 



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The First Storm

Life can change everything

In the blink of an eye

A storm you cannot escape

With no reason why

I push through the storm, and find the sea

That’s where my destiny awaits me

I wrote this a few months ago. Thought I would share since it is the first. 


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The Second Storm

As the storm came closer I felt my body go still

I stood there unable to move, held against my will

I watched as the trees were ripped up around me

I watched as houses flew by

I stood in the middle of it all

Not moving no matter how hard I would try

I stood there frozen until the storm passed

So grateful that something so violent will never last


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