Nothing Left to Say

There are so many words that I have said

There are so many words that I have written

None of it really matters

When I am talking into the wind

When a face becomes a shadow

Where a person used to be

The words they are so hollow

No one ever really hears me

I am not a person

I am a just a thing

All I can do is hope

That my heart will beat someday

In the meantime, I sit here

I have nothing left to say


7 thoughts on “Nothing Left to Say

  1. My dear friend,

    I have always listened to your words and will always continue to them as you have suffered a lot and still you are in such a depressive mode that darkness covers you. Try to not identify any longer with the darkness, focus on something which gives you positivity. You are not a “thing”, my dear friend, however, you are not even the body, but you are a soul living in this body. It is our mind that controls us and our poor soul is just the observer and is often kicked by our mind that has created lots of habits, even dark habits. Some they think they are the mind, others think they are the body – but we all are drop in the ocean of love and light, of consciousness – only our mind doubts it and wants to keep us in its prison. It is hard to overcome old and bad habits and change them into good ones.

    I wish you sunshine in your heart, strength in your feelings and emotions (positives ones), confidence and courage to withstand everything that controls you, makes you feel bad and small.

    Much much love and light to you, dear friend – never give up hope and start the real fight against yourself, against everything that is against inside yourself.
    Warm hugs

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