The power you keep

You hold my heart in your hands

This is uncharted and unknown for me

I am venturing through something

I have never felt before

More attached than I have ever been

More vulnerable than I want to be

But you are the only person

Who has ever really seen me

You can see the layers beneath my skin

Even the ones covered with the filth of sin

You can see the hope in my eyes

Even in a world that is filled with lies

So I beg you now as I plead

Please do not drop my heart

Please do not let me bleed

Please do not destroy me

That is the power you hold

Because I am in too deep

My heart is in your hands

This is the power you keep

More than love

When you leave

You take half of me with you

I have to shut down

To ease the pain

The other half cannot exist

Without the part that keeps me sane

If I was not me

I wouldn’t believe

That this could exist

Only those who have felt it

Only those who could not resist

Could begin to understand

That what we have is not a laid out structure

It is breathable, bendable, and shapes like sand

What we have is beyond words, beyond opinions, beyond belief

What we have is more than love

You have become the light in my darkest hour

You have become the thunder before the rain

You are the silence when the world roars

You are the peace I feel when I need it most

You are my everything; that is what you are

No matter how close, no matter how far

This I know with all my heart is true

The only thing I will ever need in this life is you


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Rain drops

I listen to the sound 

As I hear the rain drops

Fall to the ground 

I smell the dirt in the air 

How I long to be out there 

Turning around in the rain 

With my true love watching me 

This is where I long to be  


Dust and stone 

If there was nothing left

But dust and stone

Just you and me

All alone

Within each other

We have more

Than anyone

Could ever hope for


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My lifeline 

I am not scared of your stolen power

I can see through you any hour

I was left in broken pieces 

That you picked up with your hands 

Pieces that you fit back in 

That blended with your own 

Now I can feel your pain 

As you ease my strain

You have become my lifeline 

You have become my sun 

These pieces now make us whole 

These pieces make us one 


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My beating heart

Sometimes I feel the dread creep into my heart

Sometimes I wonder what is wrong with my head

You brought back a beating heart that was dead

But what will you do when you see the scars

What will you do when you see the sadness

The darkness buried beneath my skin



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I close my eyes and see your face 

I close my eyes and see your face

And when I wake I think of you and long for your embrace

I care less and less about the obstacles we face

As each day brings me closer to feeling your skin

As each day brings me closer to looking into your eyes

As each day brings me closer to those secrets you hold within

When you get here my love our journey will begin


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Loved beyond time

I want to be loved beyond measure

I want to feel completely happy and free

I want to hold the hand of my one true love and feel him beside me

I want to smile and laugh

I want to run into his arms

I want that moment to last forever

I want that moment to stay in my mind…

I want a love that will surpass the end of time


No matter the distance

No matter the pain

You are my sister

And will forever remain

A part of my heart…a part of my soul

Both of our lives have shattered…things have chipped and broken away

We have both faced and won battles together and alone

But in the end when we look to each other in our hearts we have a home

No matter what happens today or tomorrow

No matter what we face together or apart

Just remember sister… that you are my blood…that you are my heart