Covered in paint and powder

She suffers in ways

That no one can see

The agony gets swept aside

By the powder she spreads across her face

Covering the darkness

Covering the scars

There is no part left to be seen

She covers it all

Underneath the paint

Underneath the skin

The darkness hides the flame

The fire that keeps her alive

The anger makes her move

When all hope is lost

Everyday a piece is taken

Living her life at this high cost

Broken and bleeding

Mended here and there

How she longs to have been anyone else, anywhere

Her pleas are unheard

Her tears are unseen

She will exist as she is

A plastered doll covered in paint and powder

Living in shame

I hear her as she screams louder

While she burns from within


13 thoughts on “Covered in paint and powder

  1. Covered in paint and powder
    no one can hear the scream
    no one sees the tear falling
    wishing all this to be a dream
    instead of living this brawling.

    When you see yourself alone
    don’t believe that you really are
    there is much help in the world
    you are stronger than this, by far.

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