Pray for peace

Up and down

Down and up

Why can’t they stay the same

These emotions

That I just cannot contain

It is a form of torture

I wish on no one

I do not know how to stop them

They come and then they go

This is what happens when I stop moving

This is when it happens the most

All I can do is pray for peace

And pray that it will change


8 thoughts on “Pray for peace

  1. My dear friend,

    depression is indeed a disease and you can do a bit to improve it. This doing lies in doing – means try to activiate in you force of doing a bit more, make nice walks, have some sports that even will give you some endorphines (happy feelings) and try to change your thoughts into thoughts of positivity. Say yes, when your mind says no, Do something even when your mind says: I have no power – this activity, vice versa the mind is trying to tell you, manipulate you, will help you to see some light at the end of the tunnel. Keep it like that that a habit will grow out of it – you will find yourself much stronger after a while – believe in yourself my friend.

    All good wishes from my heart to yours

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