Lose myself to music

Lose yourself in the music

Lose yourself to the sound

Words flow through your mind

Words that are not bound…

By anything other than thought and emotion

So soothing are the words…the notes high and low

Expression that is given more through sounds of harmony…then words alone

Once again I lose myself to the music

Once again my peace has been found


Walk the path 

If you could hit rewind 

Would you go back in time 

Find a different path 

Make a different decision 

Wouldn’t it be great if we had that control 

To know what path leads us where 

To know where it is safe to step 

To know where the cracks are hidden 

To see ahead 

To know where happiness is 

You cannot change the choices you made 

And you cannot change what others have done 

Still we continue forward 

Still we walk our path toward fate 

You can have it all

What have I become

Who was I before

My hearts full of pain

Pain you left behind

You can have it all

Everything you did

Take it back and feel

Pain that hurts your heart

You can have it all

Everything you’ve done

Take the years you took…take the years of pain

Beneath the stains of time…I hope I disappear

You can have it all…every single year

I hope you feel it all

The pain you left behind

I can’t disappear

I am still right here

Love and Devotion

My favorite place to be is by the ocean

I love the sound of the waves

It reminds me of how deeply I feel emotion

So far and vast these feelings flow

Sometimes too much for me to handle

I try to remind myself to go slow

So that I do not feel myself dismantle

Wake up slowly

Try to talk slowly

Keep a safe space

So no one can hurt me

I hope that someday I will let them in

I hope that someday I will jump in

Into the cold depths of the ocean

So you can truly see the extent of my love and devotion

Every day I fight

Every day I fight..every hour..every minute..every second

Every day I fight

I will not let myself give in

Every day I fight

I find the strength

I find my fire

It’s lit today

It burns bright

It will explode in it’s brilliance

I will keep the light

I will not surrender

I will not stop

I rise

I fall

But through it all

Every day I fight

This is my life

Where is the line 

Numb on the outside

But exploding within

Ice fills my veins

I’m chilled from the sin

Morality can be lost

With one decision made

You can lose so much in one moment

In a blink your life can change

Where is the line

Between what is right

And what is wrong

Where is the line

Between guilt and shame

Where do you stand

When there is no one left to blame

Sometimes you fall

When you take a step backward, sometimes you fall

Sometimes you lose all feeling

And the world slows to a crawl

The numbness creeps up your skin

And you forget who you are

Don’t look back or you might lose your way

Keep your feet moving forward

And trust me when I say

When you take a step backward, sometimes you fall

Sometimes that’s all it takes to lose it all

Shadows of Sadness

Sometimes I feel the sadness as it creeps

It finds a whole in my shell, and slithers through

It sees an imperfection, and into it the darkness seeps

You see for me the sadness follows, it never leaves me alone

For me the sadness shows itself when I hide my face in the dark

For me the shadows enter through the door when I find my way home

Showing me I cannot run from what lingers in my soul

Reminding me that pain will slither in again soon

Reminding me that I cannot run from something that is part of what makes me whole

I embrace the night

I may never laugh in the sun

I may never cut cookies or become a step-ford wife

I embrace the night

I may never bask in the light

But I will dance in the rain

I embrace the night

As the sun sets the time for peace has come

Because the night is my home

I embrace the night

Let the others have the day while I embrace what comforts me

I would rather drown in true emotion alone in my dark place

I would rather feel

I will remain a lover of the moon and the stars

While others will continue to love their daylight hours