I want to find my home

My whole life I have suffered

When will it end

I am so tired

Of pretending I am ok

I sit here and cry

As another walks away

They come and they go

I throw them out of my life

It is never enough

I need more than they can give

I cannot breathe

As the pain grips my chest

The loneliness a reminder

Of a life lived alone

I just want to find some peace

I want to find my home


17 thoughts on “I want to find my home

  1. Where is home. I just wonder. Is home where you sleep. Where you feel safe. I often want to run away but I from what. I am home. Where do I want to run to. I just don’t know. But I still feel I have not found home. Your poem was very thought provoking

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  2. My dear friend,

    I embrace you strongly and send you courage and strength.
    You have my compassion and understanding.
    May God give you peace and shelter in confidence, something to overcome your
    difficult time.
    From heart to heart my friend

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