As soon as I stop moving

As soon as my mind stills…  I am flooded with agony

It is not a memory…it is not a face

It is just all consuming heartache

All I see is darkness…bleak and black

Why can I never slow down…without the pain slamming me back

This is why I move so quickly…this is why I talk so fast

If only my moments of peace would last…if only I could escape the darkness…

if only I could escape my past


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9 thoughts on “Agony

  1. This captures a lot of what I’ve been going through recently. I love it (the poem not the feelings). Tried cutting out the feelings, dunno about anyone else but it doesn’t work, even if it seems like it may.

    Tonight’s been a respite for me, watched Sherlock which I loved and also some funny YouTube videos by people I’ve followed for years.

    The only thing I can say that helps is the distraction, not easy, too far between one another but possible to find. Keep hanging on and know I’m always an email, message or poem away of you want to talk! ❤️

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