When everything shatters

It is only when you have lost it all 

That you can see how far you can fall 

It is only when everything shatters 

That you see what really matters 

When all you see is darkness… you can still find the way

As the light filters through the sky 

As the sun still rises each day

Take the time to say goodbye to the fear of remorse 

Don’t let yourself be the burden that takes you off course 

Fight to rebuild what you have lost

Do not let yours dreams be swept away 

Fight to stand back up 

Fight to make it through today



image source http://relax–breathe.tumblr.com/

14 thoughts on “When everything shatters

  1. In loved this. It made me realize something! I love reading things that are thought provoking and that is exactly what your posts are ( and beautiful too!! ❤️!) 😄

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