Loved beyond time

I want to be loved beyond measure

I want to feel completely happy and free

I want to hold the hand of my one true love and feel him beside me

I want to smile and laugh

I want to run into his arms

I want that moment to last forever

I want that moment to stay in my mind…

I want a love that will surpass the end of time

21 thoughts on “Loved beyond time

  1. Hey! We both wrote a poem about being loved and how that is measured! Cool! I just checked my email and got a notification of the time and it was around the same time I wrote mine. Cool!
    I have no idea why my wordpress app doesn’t show new posts until the day after or why some posts I only see in my emails. Anyway, awesome poem

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  2. We should all want that. I hope you find that connection, that deep gotta have it, won’t accept anything less than the authentic version of your love.

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