My forever 

In my mind I see fields 

Filled with flowers of color 

Filled with grass so green 

I feel the breeze

Sweep across my face 

Peace fills me in this place 

I see myself as beautiful 

As I walk slowly 

Moving with grace 

This is how I want to see myself 

Smiling in this field 

Forever feeling the breeze 

This is my escape 

This is my home 


Within my dream

I see what he has done 

I see the grass that has grown brown 

I see the trees wither and die around me

I see the sky fade into grey 

I walk away from the dark  

With every tear I shed 

With every sting that this nightmare brings 

I push forward 

And as I go 

I will my heartbeat to slow 

I will my sorrow away 

I take a seed and plant it 

With my love I know it will grow 

Someday I will see the trees again 

Someday I will see the green 

Someday the sky will shine with color 

Beauty will not be forgotten 

It will be seen 

I will live my life again 

I will live within my dream 


Beauty lies within

Beauty exists not in what we look like 

But in who we truly are 

Beauty is in our actions 

Our empathy 

Our understanding of each other 

Beauty exists in the selfless 

The people who take a moment 

To show kindness to someone in pain 

This makes someone beautiful 

Not the outer layer, the skin 

Beauty lies within 

I float away in dreams

I float away in dreams 

This is where I will stay

Trying to escape the pain 

This is where I will remain 

Sometimes it is easy to escape 

Sometimes it is not 

Finding peace 

Finding true happiness

Is all I have ever wanted

All I have ever sought 

With each breath I take 

I want to float away 

To a place where

Streams flow through the valley 

Flowers bloom so bright 

I follow the stream with no end in sight 

This is where I long to be 

Walking among the stream 

With peace in my heart 

Floating away in this beautiful place 

The one thing I can depend on 

The one thing that is mine 


I am just a dreamer

I am just a dreamer 

Looking for beauty in everything I see

Especially the people around me 

There is something I am missing 

Something I have not found

In the meantime I live within these dreams

Of different places and different faces 

Of valleys, rivers, and streams 

Ancient and modern cities with people everywhere

Learning the way they live and how they get from here to there

This is where I go when life drags me down 

This is where a path lies ahead waiting for me

My dreams will show me the way to my destiny


© Nyx0519

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When he looks at her he sees perfection

Beauty that is beyond words

Feelings that stir as quickly as the tide rips from the sea

This is what I want him to see when he looks at me


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Beauty and Grace

She has such beauty 

She has such grace 

When I see her she makes my heart race 

What I wouldn’t do to win her heart 

If she took my hand I would never let her go

Oh my darling I just need you to know 

That my love for you will only continue to grow 


© Nyx0519

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As the colors fade

Today I dream of fields with flowers 

Valleys and streams of beauty 

Today I see the colors light up the sky 

As the wind picks up and lifts the leaves up high 

I wait and watch as the colors fade…as the sun starts to set and the moon begins to rise 

It is in between this time…right before the darkness comes…that I see your eyes 


Loved beyond time

I want to be loved beyond measure

I want to feel completely happy and free

I want to hold the hand of my one true love and feel him beside me

I want to smile and laugh

I want to run into his arms

I want that moment to last forever

I want that moment to stay in my mind…

I want a love that will surpass the end of time


I wish that I could be calmer

More mild and less extreme

But then I wouldn’t be myself

Then I wouldn’t dream

Of people and places I want to see

Of things I can only imagine exist

I fear that if I don’t move forward I will never get to see the world

I fear that if I am not perfect I will never get past this loop that is my life

I dream of fields of beauty

I dream of the oceans song

I dream that I will find this place…this place that I belong

I would finally be at peace…my wandering thoughts would calm

I will find you someday my beautiful place…my heart…my home