My best friend 

He does not speak words

But he loves me with his eyes

Eyes that understand so much

He shows me unconditional love

It doesn’t matter what I do he loves me for who I am

Without him there are so many things that I could not have lived through

Without him I would have had no foundation to stand

No one else has stayed by my side … through loneliness… through pain

when I’m upset…when I’m mad…when I’m happy

He is always there…

At the darkest moments in my life

When there is no one there to hug

He is there by my side

With him I can be myself

With him I have nothing to hide

He snuggles with me and shares love that I feel privileged to receive

He means everything to me

I love him with everything that I am

He is not human… he is better… he is my wee man

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