New challenges

Today I wake up to new challenges

I am reminded of the uncertainty

That each day brings

And with each day a new dawn rises

Giving me the chance to start again

Giving me the energy to push myself forward

Because I either rise or fall

That decision is mine to make

With every step I do or do not take

Today I am taking a step

Because that is what I choose to do


Take my hand

Our souls are joined together

The way we were always meant to be

Take my hand

Walk out of hell with me


Lost in the dark 

I am lost in the dark 

Running so far 

It’s never fast enough 

To forget what I have seen 

Never fast enough 

To forget who I thought you were 

I thought that I would be true to you 

No matter what you do 

I was wrong 



Untainted love

I question so many things 

But I do not question you 

You have stayed beside me 

Through the good days and the bad 

You have watched me crumble 

You have watched me fall 

You stood beside me through it all 

I have watched many come and go 

I have learned to rely on no one 

Yet in your eyes I see 

Something I have not seen before 

A love untainted and so sure 

I hope I can be this beauty you see forever 

I hope I can hold this strength to go on

I hope I am what you were looking for 

I hope I remain this person that you adore 

I hope I give you everything

That you give me and more 


In a million ways 

My darling 

I just want you to know 

That for a million days 

In a million ways 

My love for you will only continue to grow 

You have become my sunshine 

After the storm

You have become my moonlight 

Showing me the way each night

You have become my peace 

When everything spins out of control 

You have become my everything 

You are the other half of my soul


Goodbye to yesterday 

In this life so much is uncertain 

So much is unseen 

There is so much doubt 

One thing I do know 

Is that love is real 

I know it when I look in your eyes

I know it when I hear your voice 

I know it when I feel myself 

Being pulled toward you with a force I can not stop 

A force I can not control 

A force so strong that nothing can keep me from you 

There is no doubt 

There is no fear 

There is only love 

Love that I know will only continue to grow

Night after night 

Year after year 

When my heart races I know yours does the same 

When I am in pain I hear you scream my name 

Because you are my other half

The other side of my soul 

Now I know what it feels like to be whole

Now I know what it feels like to have no doubt or fear 

Because I have found you my love 

Because I have found you my dear 

I will hold your hand in mine as we walk together this way 

Together we step in sync as we say goodbye to yesterday 

My best friend 

He does not speak words

But he loves me with his eyes

Eyes that understand so much

He shows me unconditional love

It doesn’t matter what I do he loves me for who I am

Without him there are so many things that I could not have lived through

Without him I would have had no foundation to stand

No one else has stayed by my side … through loneliness… through pain

when I’m upset…when I’m mad…when I’m happy

He is always there…

At the darkest moments in my life

When there is no one there to hug

He is there by my side

With him I can be myself

With him I have nothing to hide

He snuggles with me and shares love that I feel privileged to receive

He means everything to me

I love him with everything that I am

He is not human… he is better… he is my wee man

Love and Devotion

My favorite place to be is by the ocean

I love the sound of the waves

It reminds me of how deeply I feel emotion

So far and vast these feelings flow

Sometimes too much for me to handle

I try to remind myself to go slow

So that I do not feel myself dismantle

Wake up slowly

Try to talk slowly

Keep a safe space

So no one can hurt me

I hope that someday I will let them in

I hope that someday I will jump in

Into the cold depths of the ocean

So you can truly see the extent of my love and devotion