Sometime I just want to escape the world

Disappear into nothing

But mania brings me forward, makes me stand

My mania spins me round and round

People around me are sick of the sound

My words are too fast

I speak too much

I’m crazy to some

Intriguing to others

I pull people toward me like a drug

Regardless what they think I am, or what they say

Mania…Sadness, my mind is lost

Indifference…apathy…this is my truth

Except it and come toward it…or run away

I honestly don’t care what you do…either come toward me or stay away

11 thoughts on “Mania

  1. I come toward you. Indifference and apathy are no truth. I am. Let go of what holds you down; confront your wrongdoings and forgive yourself for them. I know this because your thoughts were once my thoughts. Be free from your mania, and know as I do.

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