Not many people realize just how important mental health is.. So I’m going to say a few things I think people should think about

How does a person become so obese they can barely walk? Why does a smoker continue to smoke even when they can no longer breathe? Why does anyone turn to any type of addiction: food, drugs, sex etc. etc., well I think that their underlying reason for these urges is not being addressed. Logically, if we helped someone (who wanted to be helped) before they reached a debilitating point, don’t you think that would be better for our society as a whole? Instead of treating a problem after the damage has been done? If insurance companies didn’t rule over our healthcare system we might be able to consider giving people better mental health care coverage. Giving those who need it the incentive to seek help. In the mean time most Americans are coping with their problems with unhealthy habits that, unfortunately are not encouraged to be addressed.  Most primary doctors and specialists don’t want to deal with mental health. From my experience most of them avoid it all together. Well, the first step in my opinion to a solution is spreading knowledge, so today I am telling you. MENTAL HEALTH IS IMPORTANT, and the more people that become aware of just how important it is the better. Stress can literally KILL YOU directly or indirectly. Insurance companies get away with murder, highway robbery, fraud, you name it …they do it. Something needs to be done to stop them, but not enough people know what they are doing. Make sure that you vote, because this does mean something. The people elected in congress are supposed to represent us, and if we elect the right people maybe changes can eventually be made. I know that our political system is in shambles, and our current election is the joke of the world. However, I will never give up hope. I  know that in our society when we really need to we will band together, and fight for what is right. Granted the circumstances are usually pretty extreme for a revolution, but I think the deterioration of America’s health and well being is pretty important.  Knowledge is power, so If you agree with me and you care about this, pass my thoughts along to others. Maybe if enough people care about our healthcare and the well being of our country as a whole, we can work together to change it.

10 thoughts on “Not many people realize just how important mental health is.. So I’m going to say a few things I think people should think about

  1. Congrats on entering the blogging world. It’s human to have an opinion but creative to express it outwardly in a constructive forum. It’s refreshing to see someone be true to themselves and strive to make a difference in society even if it’s an uphill battle. I’m proud of you girl and when you become internet famous, I’ll be able to say I knew her when… Keep up the good work and enjoy the journey!

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