My Light in the Dark

For the world is dark and full of sorrow

When you see a light you find the strength to follow

One person with care can take some of the pain away

One person alone can help you reach for the strength to fight through each day

You are one of those lights for me

You have brought me the peace that I feel when I look to the sea

Life can be as beautiful as the ocean

Or it can tear you apart, and devour you as a current that strips away your devotion

No matter what becomes of me throughout the years

Just know that you are one of few, that has helped me find the strength to fight my fears

Just know your kindness has helped me find the light in the dark

And with your help I will forever feel the spark

The strength inside of me has been set free

Just like the strong current that pushes the tide in the sea

Thank you for everything you have ever done for me

And remember that the spark you lit within me

Will burn for the rest of my eternity.

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