I will win again today 

When I feel defeated

When I want to stay down 

I find the anger 

I find it somehow 

I remember what they have done 

This is why I fight 

This is why I have to will myself to move 

This is why I strive to be better 

Every single day 

This is how I find the strength to tell you 

That I will win again today


Finding balance and strength 

I hear the sound of the world outside 

As I try to find balance in my life 

I have always struggled to get by 

I have never stopped asking myself why 

I have made the decisions I have so far 

Then I reflect and tell myself 

This is who you are 

With every step forward 

And every step back 

I try to fill the pieces 

That have chipped away 

I push myself again today

To find the balance and the strength 

That I need to succeed 



Today I rise with certainty 

Knowing my mind is too busy to be held down

This is how I escape my hell 


My purpose 

I have been brought into moments of complete despair 

But this is how I find my strength 

This is how I find hope 

I have embarked on a journey 

Each stride a lesson to be learned 

Each breath drawn is another that I live

Each day I am given a gift 

Something that is taught to me 

Something that I can give 

My purpose is to educate 

Those who are unaware 

Of everyone in need of love 

Of everyone in need of care

Someday I will fulfill this purpose 

This I know is true 

Because I am still standing here 

Writing these lines to you 


Break the silence 

Sometimes I think that I am beaten 

Sometimes I think that I am done 

That is when I stop and remember 

Everything that you have done 

These actions drive me forward 

These memories that you made 

You were the one I trusted 

My life was in your hands 

Everything I did to make you proud of me 

Everything I did I wanted you to see 

I was your daughter 

I was the one you were supposed to protect 

Instead all you did was lie to me 

Confuse me with truths mixed with lies 

Until all I wanted was to escape you 

Everything I have done 

Is a result of what you did 

Everything I do 

Is a fight to beat you

You are the reason I am who I am 

Yet you are the reason I still breathe 

You are the reason I stand

Well dear father someday you will see

What you created 

What you made 

Someday you will see 

That you will never beat me 

I may be bruised 

My bones may break 

I may wake up everyday and suffer 

From eternal heartache 

But when all is lost I see what you have done 

This is what drives me forward 

This is what makes me carry on 

I will fight for those born to suffer 

What you have put me through 

I will fight through the pain 

I will fight because I have no choice 

There was no turning back when I broke the silence 

There was no turning back when I used my voice 

With every step 

Even though I am thrown 

I somehow find my way 

Somehow I have grown

Into something new 

Somehow I have grown 

Smarter with every step 

All that I can say 

Is that I will not give up 

No matter what comes my way 

I will not stop 

Because I survive 

That is what I do 


Not many people realize just how important mental health is.. So I’m going to say a few things I think people should think about

How does a person become so obese they can barely walk? Why does a smoker continue to smoke even when they can no longer breathe? Why does anyone turn to any type of addiction: food, drugs, sex etc. etc., well I think that their underlying reason for these urges is not being addressed. Logically, if we helped someone (who wanted to be helped) before they reached a debilitating point, don’t you think that would be better for our society as a whole? Instead of treating a problem after the damage has been done? If insurance companies didn’t rule over our healthcare system we might be able to consider giving people better mental health care coverage. Giving those who need it the incentive to seek help. In the mean time most Americans are coping with their problems with unhealthy habits that, unfortunately are not encouraged to be addressed.  Most primary doctors and specialists don’t want to deal with mental health. From my experience most of them avoid it all together. Well, the first step in my opinion to a solution is spreading knowledge, so today I am telling you. MENTAL HEALTH IS IMPORTANT, and the more people that become aware of just how important it is the better. Stress can literally KILL YOU directly or indirectly. Insurance companies get away with murder, highway robbery, fraud, you name it …they do it. Something needs to be done to stop them, but not enough people know what they are doing. Make sure that you vote, because this does mean something. The people elected in congress are supposed to represent us, and if we elect the right people maybe changes can eventually be made. I know that our political system is in shambles, and our current election is the joke of the world. However, I will never give up hope. I  know that in our society when we really need to we will band together, and fight for what is right. Granted the circumstances are usually pretty extreme for a revolution, but I think the deterioration of America’s health and well being is pretty important.  Knowledge is power, so If you agree with me and you care about this, pass my thoughts along to others. Maybe if enough people care about our healthcare and the well being of our country as a whole, we can work together to change it.