The hole within my soul

I still can’t fill the pit

The hole within my soul

It grows larger every minute

With nothing left to throw inside

I just feel discontent

Hollow and unhappy in my own skin


8 thoughts on “The hole within my soul

  1. I’m sorry. Stitching up souls is a tricky business. As it moves into spring here, and the sunny days start coming back, I remember that sitting in the sunshine can be a good thing. Hugs. 💗

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  2. My dear friend

    I am back. My health was not ok. But I will not complain.
    All is good as it was and is. For you I wish strength and courage
    to fight your pain inside, to fight what keeps you away from the inner

    All the best my friend – I was never away from you.
    Hugs and love

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