There is no cure

Today I wish I wasn’t me

Like I have so many days before

What I suffer from

There is no cure

As I lay here in the dark

I find comfort in my dreams

There is no pain there

I do not remember

Happiness lasting very long

No matter what I have done

No matter where I have gone

Nothing can replace what was taken from me

I cannot regrow my soul

I long for death

But darkness is not finished with me yet

I know now that I cannot be different

I was not made to feel joy or love

All I can do is hope that there is peace

From some shining light above

In the mean time

I am here

Laying in the dark

Feeling empty and broken

Because everyone is gone

Every part of me was stolen

I feel so alone

It is so hard to go on

I wish for death every single day

There is nothing that anyone can do

There is nothing that anyone can say

That will ever make me want to get up

That will make me believe anything today


10 thoughts on “There is no cure

  1. My dear friend,

    May God give His shower of Grace to you and send also His light to you.
    Never give up, my friend,
    You are not alone…
    Try to make small steps with your thoughts – thinking positively – then light will come
    and slowly, slowly the night will pass – in reality the light is in you but now covered with
    many blankets of darkness, the more dark thoughts, the darker the night – that is why it is necessary to think positively – send a prayer deep down from your heart, this prayer God will hear and help you.
    Love and light to you, my friend and hugs
    from heart to heart

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