No one

I feel the sadness

It is coming on

I do not know why

I do not know how to fix it

All I want to do is cry

I am not as strong

As I want to be

Because I can not live

Without someone beside me

This makes me weak

This person that I seek

I just want to be strong

I just want to move on

Alone with no one


5 thoughts on “No one

  1. My dear friend

    The the drop of water is in the Ocean, therefore no drop is alone -only our mind separates us from this Oneness, it is like our own mind wants to punish us, wants to feel quilty and lives under a sky of clouds and rain – there is always sunshine above those clouds, if we only look through those clouds. Once you are able to lift your head out of those situations you will bring with you digested experiences out of the deep waters of our lives, real treasures…
    I embrace you strongly, my friend
    See the light in your heart


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