Fleeting dreams 

I used to think you loved me 

Then you said good bye 

I sit here asking myself why 

Why can’t love be unconditional

Why can’t you try 

We are all flawed in someway 

At least I never lie 

One thing I will never understand 

Is why you thought you ever loved me 

Because true love is unconditional 

It does not fade with words

It does not fade with time 

I was never yours 

You were never mine 

I hope that you do find 

True love someday 

At least I know now 

What it is we never had 

Someday you will find the one 

That you will forever love and adore 

In the mean time 

My fleeting dream is gone 


21 thoughts on “Fleeting dreams 

      • In all the pain I have seen in relationships etc there has been one common theme. We reach that point where we just can’t do this anymore, realise our self worth is so much more than this constant pain, and change the way we are. And in facing those fears in that pain we finally understand what has driven us all our lives is but the fears that we hold within. Finally seeing them and understanding why allows us to let them go…and finally be free. Your freedom awaits you, and yes it isn’t easy or we would just brush it off with no thought. It is in appreciation and compassion of what we have endured that will allow us to love that one person that we have neglected in our fears…us. And that is where unconditional love is gently waiting for us all ❤
        May your journey find that love, as it will, because it is in each and every one of us ❤

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