She exists in shadows

She exists in shadows 

Wishing she could forget 

The day she first saw you 

The smile across your face

If only there was a way 

That the memory could be erased 

These memories of perfection 

Eat at her heart

She should have know there would be a cost 

Right from the start 

She followed you without thought 

Loving you more than life

She wept as you left her 

When she needed you so

The last thing she said was my love please don’t go 


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Losing me 

He comes and goes…

And he does not see…

That he is losing me



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The Shining Sun

I hate you and I love you

This image from my past

But a love so fierce and strong

Was never meant to last

You pulled me toward perfection

But only with your eyes

Your words were given with nothing.. but false sincerity and lies

You were supposed to be the one

The shining light from the sun

But you left me in the dark

You took my will blew out my spark

You were my everything..until you walked away

The last thing you said to me was..I’ll tell you why someday

I should have known from the start

That you would break my heart

But perfect love doesn’t last

That’s why my heart splintered and fractured so fast

You should have been the one

You were were the sun


Sometimes things just aren’t meant to last

This is why connections are so hard to make

Because like a cable they can snap and break


There once was a girl

She was so innocent and true

There was nothing that she couldn’t do

Until her innocence was lost

Her heart broken and betrayed… and what was the cost

Innocense lost is such a sad thing

A lifetime of fighting through shadows and pain

An aversion to sunlight

And a love for the rain

I Search for Myself

I search for myself

I finally like what I find

After years of grief and pain

I finally broke the bind

I search for myself

With memories behind my eyes

I push myself forward

Because I can now see the lies

I search for myself

Because I have to push on

I cannot look back

I need to be strong

Pocket of Grief

People carry around a pocket of grief

some look to others to share their sadness

while others look for someone to place the blame

some find things that bring them comfort

while others hide in a world of shame