Hello Darkness my dear 

Hello darkness my old friend

It’s nice to see you again 

I know you’re creeping 

As I’m sleeping 

I know you’ll be there in the end 

Oh dear friend how are you 

It hasn’t been too long 

Are you hear to catch my tears 

Are you hear to sing me a song 

Well darkness at least I know you 

You are definitely real 

In the end when you take me 

Can you take away my ability to feel 

3 thoughts on “Hello Darkness my dear 

  1. If I stopped to credit every single person/band/lyric/action/giant beetle who acted as any kind of muse or inspiration I’d never have time for anything else. Yes, this poem is obviously, even if only subconsciously, inspired by Sound Of Silence. But this poem was written by Nyx, and you are being a first class hypocrite when you fail to credit her whatsoever while claiming to “give credit where credit is due.”

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  2. I have heard that song before; and I do believe that Paul Simon and his song the Sounds of Silence is awesome. I can tag the sounds of silence as an inspiration, sure, when I wrote it, it just came to me though. I didn’t think that thoughts or some words that are pulled from things needed to be explained. But I would not want someone to not receive recognition for their work.

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