Dead heart

It is hard to disappoint me 

I have no expectations 

I don’t expect your love 

I don’t expect your obligations 

All I ask is 

Don’t fuck with my head 

Don’t give me false hope 

Just leave a broken heart dead


8 thoughts on “Dead heart

  1. Beautiful poem Nyx as always, again I do really love this one, speaks to me.

    Know the feeling being hurt, keeping there, wanting to leave, when trying be asked to stay, it hurts. Even happened just like 30 mins ago and keeps happening.
    Much love!

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  2. No more games… the only happiness I’ve ever found in relationships has been after I convinced the other person to disarm all of the social toys. To move toward unity rather than love, even if only for a time. Cooperation, not competition… we have our time in the sun and then… nyx ; )

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