Push him out

Let him in

Push him out

Let him in



More pain

I wish I could change

But I’ll probably just stay the same

I had a taste of my addiction

Now it’s gone

I just want to be dead



You promised me the words

That I wanted to hear

Then you told me the truth

All the lies that you spoke

That I started to fall for

Pushed me right out that door


Walk away

I see those eyes

Glare through the night

The blue so beautiful and bright

Beyond those eyes

A hollow soul lies

With no empathy or emotion

No capability of devotion

A predator waiting for prey

He eats you

Then tosses you away

You will pine for him

Because he draws you in

His fake smile shows no remorse

Because he does not care about you

He will rip you apart

Then tear out your heart

You will be left there to bleed

Until you gain the strength

To quench the need

And walk away



Trust I have come to learn 

I will never find

The only one I can trust is me 

I will never again be blind 

I will never again be vulnerable 

I have had enough of the dishonesty 

I have had enough of everyone 

There is nothing more that I hate 

There is nothing that makes me sicker 

There is nothing more that I despise 

Than people telling me fucking lies 

Dead heart

It is hard to disappoint me 

I have no expectations 

I don’t expect your love 

I don’t expect your obligations 

All I ask is 

Don’t fuck with my head 

Don’t give me false hope 

Just leave a broken heart dead


In the end 

Your past becomes a fog within you 

Underneath the skin 

I have become such a damaged thing 

Like a bird with a broken wing

I walk this world alone 

Broken but yet I move 

The only thing that drives me 

This broken busted thing 

Is that I refuse to give up

I refuse to let you fuckers win 

Bring the lies and the pain 

Give me all you’ve got 

I can take it all you mother fuckers

In the end I will still be standing 

In the end I will still be here 

In the end I am the one 

You are going to fucking fear