The Universe # 2

Does the universe separate souls

Take half of who you are

Then put that half far out of reach

What do you endure to find that half

What obstacles do you face

Do you earn that half of yourself back

After years of turmoil and heartache

Through the trials and tribulations of this life

If that is the way, the pain is worth it

Anything we go through is worth

Finding what we have always been searching for




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18 thoughts on “The Universe # 2

  1. Thanks for sharing this Nyx, this is such an amazing poem, it is positive and ones that I don’t see very often, reminds me of mine like ‘Linger on Every Word’, ‘Call Away from Darkness’ and ‘You’. Thank you so much, I love this actually so much, I would like to see more positivity in my poetry. But it largely depends on circumstances. Thanks for sharing! I will have to reblog this! As I love this so much!!!

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