Hello Darkness

Hello Darkness there you are

Just in time to pull me down

I see you creeping in the shadows

Waiting for your chance

Come on darkness grab me now

Take me to another place

Take me to another time

Take me with you down below

Take me slowly so I don’t know

Listen now as my heart beats low

Softer and softer until there is no sound

I feel my body as it grows cold

I feel myself fall and hit the ground

Oh sweet darkness you are my friend

I’m so glad it was you who took me

In the end


Image source: http://lagnaetti.tumblr.com

7 thoughts on “Hello Darkness

  1. Dear friend,

    You must have had a time in which you went deep down in yourself to meet your own “biggest enemy”, fear and darkness – and you found a solution: you were not running away anymore, you embraced your enemy and as a result it lost its sting to scare and frighten you – really deep experiences in the ocean of our mind. This surely is a key to the way of light…

    Have a nice Sunday, dear friend

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