Rip it out

Unbearable pain

Stabs me

Over and over again


It is so hard to endure

I just can’t take it anymore

This torture, this pain

Floods through me

Rips me apart

Strips it all away

Punches a whole and rips out my heart

Just finish me off

Why prolong this pain

There is nothing left of me

Nothing left for you to gain

Please just put me out

I welcome the dark

I don’t care where I go

I don’t care what I see

Please just free me from this fucking agony

9 thoughts on “Rip it out

  1. “I welcome the dark” as she says. I asked the dark please stay, i wanna take comfort in your cold light, completely i dont want to wake up from you, id rather see your dawn as you move. I once loved the night, now i feel caged and cant even see the night sky anymore.

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  2. Hi Nyx been having a rough time recently. How are you? You are always kind and supportive. Remember you can always message or email me if there something even if you merely want to give a stream of consciousness to relieve stress and thoughts.

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