I wish that I could be calmer

More mild and less extreme

But then I wouldn’t be myself

Then I wouldn’t dream

Of people and places I want to see

Of things I can only imagine exist

I fear that if I don’t move forward I will never get to see the world

I fear that if I am not perfect I will never get past this loop that is my life

I dream of fields of beauty

I dream of the oceans song

I dream that I will find this place…this place that I belong

I would finally be at peace…my wandering thoughts would calm

I will find you someday my beautiful place…my heart…my home


14 thoughts on “Dreams

  1. Beautiful tale of homesickness, heartache and nostalgia. I loved it. Please write more. It touched the strings of my heart. 🙂
    Thank you.
    Correction: But then I wouldn’t be myself

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