I pretend to smile 

I pretend to be ok 

I hold back on things I should say 

I pretend not to see that you screwed me 

I pretend not to feel the pain 

I don’t want to see my reality 

The selfishness of the people around me

These people who pretend to care 

Where are they when you need them to be there 

Don’t they know it freaking hurts to be let down 

I’m tired of pretending…I’m tired of being in pain 

I just want to escape my life…escape these people I have to pretend for 

I just can’t do it anymore 

They break off a little more of what’s left of me

If they saw what was left on the inside…past the mask…would they really see 

I don’t think they can…so I will no longer pretend

Get out of my life…get out of my heart…this is the end 

32 thoughts on “Pretend

  1. Very heartfelt. I think we all have felt like that at times and you captured the emotions perfectly. It’s hard not to pretend sometimes. Because when we stop pretending, the hurt flows through us with such intensity we are afraid it might never stop. But it does…. until the next time.
    I really enjoyed this poem. It touched me. As a retired teacher it is hard not to respond and sound like an educator. But it is who I am. When writing reaches out and makes contact with another soul, then you, the writer, the poet, has done your job. You accomplished that. Well done!!!

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    • No but that’s a really funny thought. Never even crossed my mind lol. I’m sure your work is great – I honestly feel that poetry is art and people will like it or they won’t. I don’t want to criticize someone’s art – it’s their self expression- can’t really go wrong there in my book


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