True love

And time keeps moving forward

As days just pass me by

My life continues to move me toward an eventual goodbye

Life ticks by so quickly it’s hard to keep track

To remember moments clearly and to hold myself back

Beauty fades with age and the passing of time

I wish someone would claim me…just as I wish I could make him mine

I would rather spend a lifetime with true love then fade away without it

I just don’t know if it exists and this burdens my heart

We all think we feel it when we find someone we love…but as years pass this changes as feelings start to fade

So here I sit and wonder… does true love really exist

Or is it meant to end after that endearing first kiss

20 thoughts on “True love

  1. I believe all I was ever looking for my entire life was the one meant for me. Never really cared about money, status, etc. I simply knew there was a heart out there meant for me and I would never be right until I found that heart. I now realize in hindsight, there were many lessons I needed to learn about love before I was ready and the final one, the most painful. I had to learn how to let go off the past, in order to prepare for the future. WHEN you find the right one, you won’t have to worry about neglect, taking them for granted, etc. You will have already learned all the lessons you need to learn to keep together in the physical world and perhaps forever in the spiritual.

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