Harden my heart 

I have to harden my heart

I have to keep it that way

Many may not understand

But many have not lost

All that they have ever had

When your world gets ripped away

When you are left with nothing

Tell me then that I shouldn’t harden my heart

Tell me then that you understand me from the start

Tell me then that I’m not really alone

Grab my hand and take me home

22 thoughts on “Harden my heart 

  1. Love this, I am pretty sure I have a poem with the exact same name. I love it, how different people, experiences, circumstances and lives can have very linked experiences of self within those differences.

    You are not alone, I know the feeling and probably have no reason to feel this way (long story) but never alone, many are united in similar experiences, either real or interpreted experiences.

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  2. I’ve had it all ripped away. Don’t harden your heart. You’ll get numb, get lost for awhile. That’s OK. Even good, it allows healing. But hardening your heart, only hurts you. Don’t do it, I beg you.

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